Preventing Secondary Gmail Address from Integrating with ToutApp

Broken Gmail Integration or Why is my personal Gmail Touting

The most common reason for a broken Gmail connection is an accidental integration with a users personal account. This can happen when a user clicks “Connect” or when they try to “Tout” an email from their personal account. This can be very tempting to do because the option will exist when accessing your Gmail account in the same instance of chrome as your work email.

Why does ToutApp even try to integrate with my personal Gmail?

ToutApp integrates with Gmail through an extension installed into the Chrome browser. Whenever the extension senses an instance of Gmail open it will offer you an option to integrate with it. To prevent an integration with your personal Gmail account I recommend one of three things.

Sign In As Another Chrome User (Recommended by ToutApp)

Click this link to read how to make another Chrome Profile:

Pros: Signing in as another user will open a new instance of Chrome. This instance is a brand new window of chrome and none of your old extensions will exist in this one. It also keeps cookies so you will not have to sign into your Gmail every time.

Cons: Must have two windows of Chrome open.

Use Another Browser

Pros: Using another internet browser (IE or Firefox) that does not have the extension installed will prevent this from happening.

Cons: Using multiple browsers can be confusing.

Use An Incognito Window

Pros: An incognito window is like opening a naked version of the chrome browser. Meaning it will not have any of your extensions installed on it and ToutApp will not be there to connect.

Cons: You will have to sign into Gmail every time you start your day.

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