My Dynamic Fields Won't Fill Out! Why?

Dynamic fields will only work when you're using a template. Individual one-off emails that you write won't fill these out.

There are 3 types of dynamic fields you will see with ToutApp. These fields include Basic, Custom, and Salesforce. Basic and Custom both look to pull information from If the information does not exist in the fields will be blank. Salesforce fields pull information from

Troubleshooting Salesforce Fields

Salesforce Fields: eg {{sfdc_account_name}}

  • Double-check that it's properly hooked up with Tout. Head over to the Settings page and then click "Manage" next to your CRM.

Troubleshooting Basic and Custom Fields

ToutApp Basic Fields: eg {{company}}

ToutApp Custom Fields: eg {{custom_field_favorite_movie}}

  • You'll need to have the corresponding field saved for your contact in the Relationships page for our dynamic field to reference. For example, if you're sending an email to Mary and using the {{company}} field but her contact record doesn't list a company, we won't be able to fill that out.
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