How do I Import a Salesforce ID into Tout?

ToutApp uses the Contact or Lead ID (also known as Salesforce ID), to help log information properly to Salesforce. There are a few ways that you can attach your Salesforce ID to your contacts in ToutApp.

1) Push to Tout: Using Push to Tout will create a contact in ToutApp with all the key contact information including the lead/contact's Salesforce ID.

2) Email with Tout, Add to Campaign, and Click to Call Buttons in SFDC: When you use any of these three buttons in Salesforce ToutApp will push the contact to ToutApp with the Salesforce ID.

3) Import CSV: If you export a list of leads/contacts from Salesforce and you include a column with the Salesforce ID then you can map the field to ToutApp on import.

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