How To Use 'Push to Tout'?

Our Push to Tout button will take a list of your Leads/Contacts in Salesforce and push these contacts into a group in ToutApp. From here, you can quickly send off a customizable group email with Tout tracking attached. You can Push to Tout from list views of Leads/Contacts


  • ToutApp Salesforce package installed by Salesforce Admin
  • Push to Tout button installed to list view by Salesforce Admin
  • Salesforce Connection made with ToutApp for user making the Push

How To

1) Click on the Lead/Contact tab in Salesforce

2)Toggle to the List View you would like to Push to Tout next to the Go button

3) Click Go

2016-05-13 at 2.00 PM.png

4) Select all the leads/contacts you want to be pushed to tout

5) Select Push to Tout


6) A new window will appear verifying the number of Leads/Contacts you would like to push over. Select 'Proceed to Group'. Toutapp will not push over any contacts marked as Email Opt Out in Salesforce or Unsubscribed in ToutApp.

2016-05-13 at 2.13 PM.png

ToutApp will add this group titled "SFDC-......" to the Relationships page on

From here just select "Email Entire Group" to send out this group email!

It's as simple as that!

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