How Do I Set Up the Marketo Integration?

ToutApp gives you the ability to integrate with Marketo so that information about your sent emails are pushed into the Activity Log of a lead.

It is important to note a couple things before you start going hog-wild with logging information to Marketo.


  1. Your Marketo Admin
  2. Munchkin Account ID
  3. Marketo Munckin API Private Key

Note: If you would like to get this integration setup for your whole team, let us know and we can put that in place once you have set it up for one user. Provide us with the email address of the user who has it in place and we can begin the process for setting it up for your entire team.


1) Sign into and click on Admin

2) Click on Munchkin

3) Copy the Munchkin ID. This is your Marketo Account ID. You will need this for step 8.

Marketo Setup 1.png

4) Click Edit under API configuration

5) Click the checkbox next to Enable Munchkin API

6) Copy the API Private Key this is your Marketo Secret Key ID. You will need this for step 9.

7) Click Save

Marketo Setup 2.png

😎 Head to the Marketo set up page on

9) Paste Marketo Account ID

10) Paste API Private Key

11) Click Save Changes. You will see that the settings are saved successfully and you are ready to log your Tout activity to Marketo!

Marketo Setup 3.png

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