How Can I Stop Tout From Saying That I Viewed My Own Emails?

We generally report your own email views in when you click on an email and then click on "Details". Any email that you've viewed will say [You] viewed/clicked/etc. under the details log. This is so that users can send test emails to themselves and get accurate statistics.

What you should not be seeing in our app is your own views showing up in our Live Feed or in your template statistics. If this is happening:

(1) Ensure that you have cookies enabled on your computer.

(2) If you're using a new computer or mobile device, make sure you've logged into This will allow us to recognize your computer from now on.

(3) Check to see if you have SMTP set up or are BCC-ing your emails to Mac Mail. Because of the way Mac Mail is set up, viewing your sent items in Mail will cause your own views to get logged as the recipients'.

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