Thank you all who attended the University Day sessions! (1 of 2 posts)

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Carmi Lopez-Jones, an AMAZING Deliverability Consultant at Marketo, and I presented on Marketo's University Day at Summit.  I promised to share the content we presented in this blog because our PPTs were updated from the copies you received as attendees.  And if you did not attend you get a view of what was presented at this valuable session! 


The PPT has been stripped of the branded template, but the content is intact!  Today I am posting the first session, "Improving Email Deliverability by Design: Best Practices and Strategies."  This session covered

  • Developing an envelope strategy using best practice recommendations
  • Understanding the email delivery landscape to prevent email delivery issues
  • Designing content and images for optimal deliverability success


Tomorrow I'll have the second session ready to post, "Optimizing Email Deliverability" which covered

  • Deliverability and how it’s measured
  • Important metrics to monitor
  • How to monitor your deliverability metrics using Marketo reporting
  • And how to leverage best practices to increase engagement


But I have to say, if you missed the session, the discussion in the Q&A is almost more valuable than the presentation itself - there were so many great questions asked by the audience!  See you at next year's Summit!

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Kiersti Esparza​ The session at Summit was great! During one of the email deliverability sessions, you mentioned you had a blog on setting up pre-header text via a snippet. Can you point me in the right direction to find that?

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I remember this from last year as a great session as well!

My colleague decided to attend this year and we shared thoughts afterwards.

You guys always put on a great presentation.