SupportFeedback is now MarketoCares

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Marketo Support is excited to announce beginning March 12, 2018 the email address will be live!  This new email address will replace that many of you have used for addressing your general access and Marketo Support needs.


During the transition both email addresses will receive customer cases over the next two months, so there will be no interruption to you receiving our award-winning customer support, however, we encourage you to start using the new address today so you won’t be left out when the old address goes away.


The email address will officially close on May 4, 2018.


We thank you for being a part of The Marketing Nation.

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Kenneth, can you clarify when we would email I was never quite sure what was for.

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Amy Connor

Sorry for such a late response.  The email address is used to issues related to:

  • Problems logging into your new Marketo instance
  • Community login issues
  • Issues with access or using Marketo Support
  • Problems with Support Portal/Case Management

Hope that helps

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Hi Kenneth,

When would we use marketocares@ vs supportescalations@ ?



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