Support Portal - Universal ID Enhancement

Level 7

Greetings Nation!


Marketo Support has released a few new features into our Support Portal to better align how the Case Submission and Case Management activities work with Universal ID.


1. Default instance selection


When a customer is identified as a Universal ID contact and uses the Support Portal for case submission for the first time, they will be presented the option to select a default UID contact based on the instance the contact was created from.  This default user will be the contact that the Support Portal loads with each time.

At this time, the default Universal ID contact must be set up as an authorized support contact

 default contact.png



2. UID Contact Switch


After a default UID contact has been selected the customer can dynamically switch their UID contact from within the CaseConnector.


At this time, the selector drop down will only show UID contacts that are set up as authorized support contacts.

Level 1

Well this isn't really working for me yet.  My firm has access to 6 unique client Marketo instances and I am an authorised support contact on at least 5 of them. Yet the support dropdown only gives me access to two instances. In other words I have LOST access to a couple of instances as a result of this new release.

Level 7

Hello Paul.  Thank you for the feedback.  I've located your UID contacts and have notified out developers to investigate why you aren't able to see all of your related instances in the drop down.  Will message you directly once we have a solution.