Statement On Access Issues

Marketo Employee

We apologize sincerely for the access issues you are experiencing today on Features accessed through such as forms, web personalization, etc. are affected due to a domain access issue through our DNS information service provider. The domains are being propagated and should be completed shortly. Marketing automation capabilities such as campaign management and execution, CRM sync, Munchkin, and API are not affected. As soon as domain access is restored, you will no longer experience these issues.

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Some munchkin have been reported to dysfunction or be very slow by a couple of customers. Not sure that the domain has not been impacted, I have not tested.

Embedded forms have stopped working if implemented using the default Marketo proposed code, which call the forms2 library from the domain. E.g:

<script src="//"></script>

fort the same reason, some custom integration using forms in the background have also stopped working.


Hi Chris,

Make sure that these images are using your instance landing page URL's. If so that might not be working in the editor or previews, but should work for the outside world, as you own domain has not been impacted.


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We are seeing extremely slow performance, more than 10 seconds in some cases, to open a lead or contact in Salesforce.  I suspect that it's the visualforce MSI widgets on the lead, contact, and account records.  Tasks and campaigns records are fine, perhaps because there are no VF widgets containing Marketo info.

Hi Ann,

This is to be expected, the MSI component are connecting to Marketo using URL's ( )


Hey Chris, if this is occurring during a preview (of an email or landing page) or during editing, these images are not appearing due to a fix that we needed to put in place to help resolve some of the other issues that were occurring. We expect this to be re-enabled sometime early tomorrow. It is important to note that if someone opens an email or visits a live landing page these images will appear.

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Yes our embeded forms are not working.
Clearing my local cache has brought mine back but not on mobile devices.

I wonder if there is any value in cloning embeded forms and re assigning with the new form id?

Hi Ann & Gregoire,

I was having the same issues and wanted to confirm that after I removed the MSI visual force from all page layouts it was on (Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities for us), my Salesforce instance appears to be running at regular speed again.

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I removed MSI components from all my pages, and performance is better but not yet back to normal.  I'll test again tomorrow.

Per Tim's message above, I'll have our webmaster check embedded forms.  Fortunately, they are only on 1 or 2 webpages.


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Hoping you can clarify a specific point from the FAQs. It says that links to non-branded domains would not resolve. I'm assuming this statement is referring to links to Marketo-hosted landing pages? Would hyperlinks within Marketo emails to domains that are external to (not hosted by) Marketo still work? Or, could there be a potential problem with the email link tracking (which gets diverted through Marketo) even though the actual hyperlink is to an external domain?

Thanks for any clarification you can provide.


Janet Dulsky​, Josh Hill​ is right. More communication should have come out. I spent all day trying to figure out whose issue it was kept checking after hours until midnight Eastern so that I could do something. Especially once it was stated on Twitter that "It has been fixed and we expect access to be restored no later than noon PDT." and then at 3:30 "We expect most customers to have access soon". Nothing on LinkedIn. Some chatter on FB. You obviously could not get into your own instance to send email to us, so you should consider a back up ESP for such issues.