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Setting Up a SubDomain in GoDaddy

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Navigate to your Domain Management page and chose the domain you are setting up the subdomain for to begin.

Once you are in the management page for the domain you chose Add Record, see image below.


Add record.png





















At this point you start to build your subdomain.  You will be adding a record in three sections: A Record, MX Record and TXT Record.











Below is an example of adding the MX record for the subdomain. 




The section titled HOST: is the section that is designating your subdomain.

In the example below I am setting up a subdomain for KIERSTIESPARZA.COM.  I am setting up


In the HOST: section I enter “example” for the subdomain. The Points To: record will be provided by Marketo Privacy/Delivery Team.  Priority can be set to 5. 


MX Record Type

HOST: example














Once you have the MX Set up follow the same process for the TXT




TXT Record Type

HOST: example

POINTS TO: "v=spf1 ~all"


















The final record to set up is the A record.




A Record Type

HOST: example

POINTS TO: (this will be the dedicated IP that you have been assigned)










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Level 10 - Community Moderator

As this subdomain is dedicated to Marketo-emitted emails, why not have the SPF FAIL instead of SOFTFAIL?

Marketo Employee


We have found that SPF can be confusing so we generally recommend using Soft Fail (~all) just in case errors are made.  When working directly with customers my team does provide SPF FAIL (-all) recommendations once we can do a little added verification.

Great question (as always)!


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About 1/3 of Marketo users have broken SPF on their zone apex anyway -- even if they ended in -all their SPF record is unusable (not talking about unnecessary inclusion of but other errors).

At least with a new subdomain they could get it right from the beginning.