Deciding When to Sync Leads to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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You’ve just integrated Marketo with your CRM system. Now you’ve got a big decision to make: when do you send all of those great new leads you are generating into CRM?


You have two primary options:

  • Sync all leads to CRM almost immediately, generally upon lead creation
  • Sync leads to CRM based on rules, generally upon marketing qualification

As with most things, there are pros and cons to each approach. Sync Leads to CRM Immediately

You don’t need to create and manage sync rules.Sales will need to be trained to recognize which leads are qualified and which are not yet ready for follow-up.
The sales team has visibility into all leads right away, so they are less likely to create duplicates.Some junk or invalid leads will end up in CRM.
Leads may not yet have all of the information necessary to decide on lead assignment or follow-up.

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Sync Leads to CRM Based on Rules

You can keep most of your invalid or junk leads out of CRM.Sales might create new leads or contacts in CRM for people you already have in Marketo, thus creating duplicates and splitting activity history across multiple records.
Sales will not see unqualified leads.Someone has to create and manage the sync rules.