What is Purple Select?

Purple Select is Marketo’s new customer advocate program made specifically to recognize our rock star customers for personal achievement, company success or just sharing the purple love.

Now you have the opportunity to engage with Marketo based on your schedule, and be rewarded for it!

By completing advocacy activities within the Purple Select Platform, you can showcase your experience and knowledge to gain positive exposure across the Marketing Nation and beyond. Your engagement will provide you with access to exclusive opportunities to grow your personal brand and propel your career in the in this fast-paced marketing network.

Purple Select vs. Community...what's the difference?

Purple Select is a program to enhance, showcase and grow your advocacy for Marketo, whereas the Community is a place to connect and engage with your peers and learn Marketo and digital marketing best practices. The Purple Select Group on the community will be a private space for Purple Select advocates to network exclusively with each other.

Engage. Influence. Stand-out. Grow.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, we have created a program that enables you to get involved from day one. Think you have what it takes to be on team purple? Let’s get started!

Fill out this form to join!

Please note, the blank form will re-load once you submit. If you have questions about your application, email customermarketing@marketo.com.


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