Anonymous Lead Upgrades – Changes Inside Marketo UI

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  • Summary
  • Smart Lists
  • Lead Grids
  • Lead Database
  • Analytics Reports


After the upgrade to anonymous lead tracking, anonymous leads will no longer exist in the traditional sense. Therefore, there won’t be any need for Marketo to reference them. All of the places where anonymous leads are currently visible will be updated as part of the upgrade process.

Smart Lists

Smart Lists will no longer have the “Is Anonymous” filter as an available filter that can be added. This will include all Smart Lists, Smart Campaigns and Smart Lists inside Analytics Reports.

No Is Anon Filter found.PNG

Lead Grids

Lead Grids like the Leads tab of Smart Lists will not show any anonymous leads. Anonymous web activity will still be tracked, but anonymous lead records will no longer be accessible, so the only leads that will show up are the known leads.

Lead Grid currently showing anon leads.PNG

Lead Database

The Lead Database home dashboard will be upgraded. The pie chart showing known and anonymous leads will be upgraded to a dashboard that gives more useful details like the number of Marketable Contacts and the Top Lead Sources for your leads.

Lead Database.png

For more information about the Lead Database Dashboard, see the docs site article Lead Database Dashboard - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Analytics Reports

  • Analytics reports will no longer have the “Is Anonymous” filter available to be used in the smart list of the report.
  • Anonymous web activity will still be visible. The Web Page Activity Report and the Company Web Activity Report will continue to show anonymous web activity.
  • For more specific information about these changes, please visit the Analytics Reports documentation here.

Just curious - why are you using the nomenclature of "Contacts" rather than "Leads"? We know Marketo leads can be SFDC leads or contacts, but now Marketo contacts can also be SFDC leads or contacts?

Delinda Tinkey​ I believe this is just a branding change, but I'm not 100% positive on that yet. In either case, the records in Marketo can still be synced to SFDC Leads or Contacts the same as they can now. No changes there.


Will the anonymous leads still count towards our database record limit?  I assume the answer is yes

Nope! (Nor do anonymous leads count now.)


Thanks Sanford Whiteman​, I was back and forth on my assumption. At first I assumed no, however I could not find it stated explicitly that the Anonymous leads do not count - so then I assumed they still counted as records. Also because Marketo will still be tracking their web events to be appended to their lead when they become known, I assumed they still counted. Have you seen this stated explicitly somewhere that I can find? Thank you

Everyone who opens your site in a new browser or device gets an anonymous record. Even for a small site, that will end up being millions and millions of uniques. Never been any question that they aren't charged. Explicitly, I don't know. But don't worry about it.