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zoom integration

We have used GoToWebinar in the past and have now switched to Zoom and am having some integration issues. 

I have already read some of the existing posts about others that have had issues with Zoom Integration.

I have contacted Zoom support several times and have 2 open support tickets but without any success. 

According to instructions provided by Zoom, one of the final steps is to go to Zoom Webinar page and click Integration.

When I go to the Edit Marketo Integration Settings and try to specify the Smart Campaigns (which I created in Marketo), I cannot see the Smart Campaigns (see below).

I would really appreciate any suggestions that anyone has?


Edit Marketo Integration Setting

Please specify a Smart Campaign...

Please specify a Smart Campaign...

Please specify a Custom Object


Re: zoom integration

Hi Sanjeev,

Have you created a webhook? Check out this thread:

Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

These people might also be able to help.

Josh Hill Erin OlsenGrégoire Michel

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Re: zoom integration

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for your response. 

Yes, I have already created the Webhook using their instructions and have already checked out the thread that you suggested. 

The problem I am still having is that data from Marketo does not make it to Zoom. 

If a lead signs up for the webinar from Zoom directly, the data gets passed to Marketo, however, if someone fills out a form from Marketo, the data does not make it to Zoom.  There are no error messages.  Any suggestions? Thanks. 

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Re: zoom integration

Hi Jasmine,

Earlier I said that there were no error messages, I was wrong.  Here is the error message that I am getting: 

Webhook Id:


Webhook Name:

Zoom Webinar

Request Type:



Pay Load:


{"error":{"code":200,"message":"Invalid api key or secret."}}

Person ID:


Response Code:


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Re: zoom integration

You need to confirm that

  • API secret key and end point are correct on BOTH ends in Zoom and Marketo.
  • this should be pasted as text in your Webinar Program Token
  • verify there are NO spaces at the end of that API token.
  • try again

My team has rigorously tested this and resolved most of the errors we saw that were similar. The final steps were usually related to mismatched API keys.

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Re: zoom integration

Also, do not share your API code and secret key publicly.

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Re: zoom integration

Hi Josh,

Thanks very much for your response.

I have double checked that the API key and API secret code are the same in Marketo and Zoom.

I have been working with Zoom support since Monday and we still have an open ticket with them.

They have now escalated this ticket and we are planning a conference call with their team later today.

FYI - I have pasted the key and secret that are in both Zoom and Marketo (I know you suggested that I not share the codes publicly so I have changed the last 8 digits here).

Any other suggestions you have would be highly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Client Id

Client Secret


Save Changes Cancel

These tokens can be referenced using this naming convention: {{my.My Token}}


Token Name[https://app-ab17.marketo.com/images/spacer.gif]



Local (3 Tokens)



May 16, 2018 8:55 AM



May 16, 2018 8:56 AM



May 14, 2018 5:49 PM


3 items


Sanjeev (Sam) Bhai


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Re: zoom integration

I believe you said you found out the docs aren't clear that 2 API users are required+webhook to manage the data flow.

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Re: zoom integration

After a few challenges I was finally able to integrate Zoom webinar with Marketo.  

What I found confusing in the documentation is that you will need 2 sets of API Keys and API Secret.  I hope the following helps others that are struggling to setup Zoom. 

Once you create an API Key and API Secret in LaunchPoint, you should go to Zoom and select Integration and after selecting Marketo, enter this API Key and API Secret.  You will also enter REST API Endpoint URL, which you created in Marketo Web Services

From within Zoom you will now have to create a 2nd API Key and a 2nd API Secret. To do this you will go to Zoom for Developers (which is in Advanced tab).  Select Zoom API and then select API Credentials and make note of the 2nd API Key and API Secret.  You will now use these 2nd set of IDs in Marketo for the 2 values in My Tokens.

Good Luck to all.