sending Email copy internally

sending Email copy internally

We have a regular Newsletter that we sent to our customers.

I now received a request to send a copy of that newsletter to our internal staff.

Problem is that our database only contains customer data and no internal contacts.

I am thinking about sending the same Newsletter Email as an alert to a list of internal staff now.

Is there a limit of people you can add to an alert or maybe someone has an alternative on how to do this without adding every internal staff to our database ?




Re: sending Email copy internally

Create a e-mail alias which distributes to all of the internal stakeholders. Like That way only 1 contact is added to the database.

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Re: sending Email copy internally

Pretty much what Chris said, your IT team will probably have an 'All@' distribution list, or they can set one up with the specific internal people you would like to send to.  We did the exact same thing - different distribution lists for different sales teams.  And then made sure they only got added to the email sends that were relevant to them.

In answer to the other question - there isn't a limit to how many people you can send an alert to but you'd still have to put all the individual email addresses into the flow step.