href file opens instead of downloads

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href file opens instead of downloads

Hi everyone,

Our team is looking for a way to share .oft files in a Marketo email. Ideally, we add a download button to the email, which allows recipients to download the .oft file.

However, when we upload the .oft to Design Studio and add the link to the file in the email, the file opens instead of downloads. Is there a way to force the browser to download a Marketo file, instead of linking directly to its path? The solution should be supported by at least Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome.

I found this article, but it suggest that the file solution is server-side.

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Re: href file opens instead of downloads

You can only do this by putting CDN in front of your Marketo Design Studio to set the Content-Disposition and MIME headers -- equiv. of the server-side solution.

It's (relatively) simple and (nearly) free for most people's marketing download volume, but obvs. needs someone to set it up.