download images and files from Design Studio

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download images and files from Design Studio


I would like to ask you how can I download all images at once from Design Studio?

Many thanks,
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Re: download images and files from Design Studio

You cannot.

Ask Support, they may be able to run a backend zip file.
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Re: download images and files from Design Studio

Unfortunately, there is currently no capability for Marketo Support to perform this action currently. However, you can vote for this idea:

Re: download images and files from Design Studio

Since Marketo Support was unable to offer any help with this I was able to come up with my own workaround with the help of a scraper chrome extension and Excel. The entire process takes about 10 minutes.

Here's what you'll need

  • Google Chrome
  • ​Scraper Chrome Extension - Download
  • Microsoft Excel ***With the developer tab enabled*** - Learn how to enable the developer tab here

Step 1

  • Download and install the scraper chrome extension.

Step 2

  • Log into marketo and go into the design studio.
  • Click on Images and Files to display your asset library
  • Then click on this button to open your library in it's own window.
    Mkt-images and files..JPG

Step 3

  • With the new window open, right-click in the white space to the right of your list of assets and select "Scrape similar..."
  • Set the selector options in the scraper tool to the following and the click the "Scrape" button. You should see a list of all your asset file names on the right side of the scraper tool. Click on "Copy to clipboard" and paste the file names into column A in your spreadsheet.
    **Note the scraper will only copy the file names that are visible on that page so you will have to repeat the Scrape / Copy / Paste process for every page of assets that you have.**

Step 4

  • After you've successfully completed Step 3, tidy up your spreadsheet to remove all the cells that don't contain a file name.

Step 5

  • In Excel we'll use a Concatenate function to prepend your marketo URL path to all of your file names.
    Example: ""

  • In cell B1 type =CONCATENATE("insert your url path here", A1 then press ENTER. You should now see the complete URL path and file name.
    Example: ""
  • Select cell B1 and click the little square handle in the bottom right corner of the cell and drag it down to the bottom of your list which will apply the formula to the rest of your list.

  • Now select / copy (Ctrl+C) everything in column B, then right-click cell A1 and choose "Paste Values".

  • Delete all contents from column B and you should be left with all of the URLs to all of your image assets in column A.

Step 6

  • Create a folder on your C: drive or somewhere on your computer that you want to save all of your assets from Marketo
    Example: "C:\MyImages"

Step 7 - This is where the magic happens

  • In the Developer tab click on Visual Basic
  • In the Visual Basic window navigate to Insert > New Module

  • Write the following Macro script into the Module window.
    **Be sure to replace all of the highlighted areas with the path to the folder you created in Step 6.
    **Also be sure to change the number circled in red with the total number of URLs in your spread sheet
  • Click File > Save, name your file and **be sure to change "Save as type" to Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook** and close out of Visual basic.

Step 8

  • Go back to the developer tab in your spreadsheet and click on Macros
  • Select the Macro that you just created and click Run. If you typed the script correctly Excel will begin to download all of the files in your spread sheet to the folder that you specified and alert you when the download is complete.

Hope this helps. Enjoy!

Re: download images and files from Design Studio

Excellent workaround.

I used a Chrome plugin to download the list of URLs called "Tab Save" instead of the macro you suggested.

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Re: download images and files from Design Studio

Thank you so much Anthony. I pasted the code from your screenshot so others can copy and paste.

Sub AssetScrape()

   Dim i As Long

   Dim FileNum As Long

   Dim MyFile As String

   Dim WHTTP As Object


   On Error Resume Next

       Set WHTTP = CreateObject("WinHTTP.WinHTTPrequest.5")

       If Err.Number <> 0 Then

            Set WHTTP = CreateObject("WinHTTP.WinHTTPrequest.5.1")

       End If

    On Error GoTo 0


    If Dir("C:\YOURFOLDERNAME", vbDirectory) = Empty Then MkDir ("C:\YOURFOLDERNAME")


    For i = 1 To 738

        MyFile = Cells(i, 1).Text

        If CheckURL(MyFile) Then

            FileNum = FreeFile

            Open "C:\YOURFOLDERNAME\LogFile.txt" For Append As #FileNum

            Print #FileNum, MyFile & "--- Downloaded ---"

            Close #FileNum

            TempFile = Right(MyFile, InStr(1, StrReverse(MyFile), "/") - 1)

            WHTTP.Open "GET", MyFile, False


            FileData = WHTTP.ResponseBody

            FileNum = FreeFile

            Open "C:\YOURFOLDERNAME\" & TempFile For Binary Access Write As #FileNum

                Put #FileNum, 1, FileData

            Close #FileNum


            FileNum = FreeFile

            Open "C:\YOURFOLDERNAME\LogFile.txt" For Append As #FileNum

            Print #FileNum, MyFile & "!!! File Not Found !!!"

            Close #FileNum

        End If


    Set WHTTP = Nothing

    MsgBox "Open the folder [C:\YOURFOLDERNAME] for the downloaded files."


End Sub

Function CheckURL(URL) As Boolean

    Dim W As Object

    On Error Resume Next

    W.Open "HEAD", URL, False


    If W.Status = 200 Then

        CheckURL = True


        CheckURL = False

    End If

End Function

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Re: download images and files from Design Studio

I'm receiving the following error when attempting to run the macro

Error 2.JPG

and when clicking Debug I'm taken to this line in the script


Not too familiar with VBA, can anyone help me understand what's the issue?