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My team recently launched a blog (hosted through WP), and we are looking for a solution that will automatically notify our subscribers when new posts are published. We understand that we COULD set up a promotional email manually in Marketo every time we publish a new blog post, but we are seeking a more streamlined solution.  I assume we'd need it to plug into WordPress if we want the system to automatically notify followers without human intervention, and I wasn't sure if Marketo offers a solution for this that I am unaware of.

Any recommendations or feedback would be much appreciated!  Happy Monday!


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Re: blog post notifications

I know there are solutions in Launchpoint, like this one:

I've never used it, but I'd probably start there for a solution. Alternatively, you could develop your own solution using the API, if you have the resources.
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Re: blog post notifications


I work at Perkuto, makers of Digesto. I definitely recommend this as a solution - it will take in your RSS feed from your WordPress blog and auto send emails according to a variety of factors.

Marketo itself does not auto -send blog posts.