ZoomInfo Form Complete Integration with Marketo [Solved]

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ZoomInfo Form Complete Integration with Marketo [Solved]

Our company recently purchased Marketo and part of our process of changing over to a new automation was to add our existing integrations. One of these integrations we’ve been using in a manual process has been ZoomInfo for database enrichment. On a call ZoomInfo let us know they had a feature called, “Form Complete” that would enable automatic enrichment. This sounded awesome! We are new to Marketo so I didn’t know what to expect in terms of integrations. I found the process to be different than what I was used to… but it is intuitive enough that going forward implementing services should be easier.

A major conflict we ran into was that the instructions on the site: http://help.zoominfo.com/18441-formcomplete/installation-guide#product-overview just didn’t work. We inquired with ZoomInfo and questioned whether or not we should bring in a developer to get this deployed. During some downtime, I dove in to try to figure out what was causing the issue. I am creating this post to share our experience and help any others that might be looking for help with this issue. I did not see this posted elsewhere so either we were the ones that had the issue or this has not been discussed. I hope it’s the latter.

Step 1.

Follow the installation guide: http://help.zoominfo.com/18441-formcomplete/installation-guide#product-overview

Notes from Step 1.

  • We discussed whether or not we should change the type to telephone or email in some cases but kept with the guide and left everything as a string. I am not sure about changing this but ours works find with everything left as string.

Red Flags from Step 1.

  • When you get to the step 3: linking custom fields to webhook responses you need to know that the response attributes provided by links in the guide are incorrect. I ran the request in my browser and extracted the XML into a tree so I could read it a little bit easier. One of the first things I noticed that was wrong in the guide was the response attributes had incorrect attributes. In excel I had the response attributes in column A and the Marketo fields in column B, and find/replaced the incorrect values with the correct values. See below the attribute that I changed:
    • Original: personMatchResponse.matchResults.personMatchResults.personMatchResult.personMatches.personMatch.personId
    • Corrected: personMatchResponse.matchResults.personMatchResults.personMatchResult.personMatches.personRecord.personId
  • I am not sure if this matters but we set the Webhook Custom Header as: Content-type for the header and the value as application/xml.
  • Last note, refresh your browser repeatedly to avoid issues/errors between tasks.

Step 2.

Checking if this worked.

I didn’t know where to go to inspect if this worked. When I ran the request in my browser it seemed to work but I didn’t know. Once you have submitted a form with information (I used my work information on the form for testing) then you can check to see if it worked. If you are wondering, “Where do I check to see if my webhook was successful or if it failed?” I have some insight:

  1. Click the Superball > Marketing Activities.
  2. Navigate to the folder and then click on the smart campaign that runs your Form Complete.
  3. From the smart campaign click the top navigation menu item, “Results”.
  4. Find the most recent “Call Webhook” activity type and double click it.
  5. The Activity Details window will pop-up (check your pop-up blocker if it does not).
  6. Inside this window will be what you need to diagnose most problems. The easiest way to know if it worked or did not is that the Response Code should read: 200. This means it was successful in terms of sending and receiving the response in a way that the API accepted it.
  7. Anything other than 200 you should lookup with a Google search and investigate. I am not a developer but I know a 200 code means it went “okay.”
  8. Finally, click the Superball > Database, and in the quick find search for the unique contact record that submitted the form (In my case I looked myself up) to find the record that went through the Form Complete Webhook.
  9. Double click the right record from the view and that person record will load up.
  10. From the top navigation click, “Info” and scroll down till you see your custom fields you created in Step 1 (above). You should see the fields populated if all of the steps were completed successfully.

That’s it. Ours works now and we are happy. I hope this helps someone.

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Re: ZoomInfo Form Complete Integration with Marketo [Solved]

Great rundown, Kevin! A little more info for the future:

If you are wondering, “Where do I check to see if my webhook was successful or if it failed?”

You can use the Webhook is Called trigger to determine if HTTP-level errors were encountered. This is always advisable especially when onboarding a new webhook-based service.

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Re: ZoomInfo Form Complete Integration with Marketo [Solved]

Sanford Whiteman​ Awesome, learning new things all the time. Thanks for the tip.