Zoom event in Marketo - wrong # of registrants

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Zoom event in Marketo - wrong # of registrants



A marketo rep has set up Webinar events for my company with hidden UTM fields.


We held an event and sent the referral URL to the panelist for their use, so we could track how many referrals they provided.

The event is linked to Zoom.

However, the number of registrants in Zoom only shows the people who registered through the default landing page (no custom UTM codes). The people that registered through the referral link with the UTM fields do not show up in Zoom.

Furthermore, when I check the referral list, the UTM source is blank.


Has anyone had a similar issue or has a solution?


As a workaround, I'm importing the Marketo referral lists into Zoom manually.


Thank you.

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Re: Zoom event in Marketo - wrong # of registrants

Sounds like something's been mis-configured with your integration, though could be other issues.


If it's not working as intended, repeat troubleshooting and eliminate one factor at a time.