What is your most creative marketing campaign?

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Re: What is your most creative marketing campaign?

We have recently done a nurture campaign for our clients independent retailers (their customers) based around a Retailer Reward Club.

  • There are 15 streams in the nurture campaign. Retailers progress through the streams based on cumulative spend against personal targets and the rewards points reached.
  • There are 3 classes of retailers (segments)
  • Each retailer starts with a Welcome to Rewards Club.
  • Via a series of emails in each stream (easy to replicate from a template) they receive tailored and segmented emails designed to get them to place orders with the manufacturer (our client) showing them the points they have (token), what they have already earned as a reward (snippets based on type of retailer and stream and different each time) and what reward they can look forward to next (snippets based on type of retailer and stream) if they only place an order of £x (token).
  • Emails are both information based and also take the form of a teaser campaign to tempt them into placing an order.

The results have been amazing.

  • Engagement is the highest of any campaign operated with this group in 2 years.
  • In only 3 months, over 60% of the retailers have increased their spend by over 20% ABOVE the stretch forecast spend that the client wanted them to achieve.
  • Retailers engaged with the campaign are showing a 40% higher growth in spend with our client than those that are not engaged.
  • The campaign has made a real and directly measurable contribution to the bottom line.

Re: What is your most creative marketing campaign?

The campaign that has been effective and creative for us is putting our CEO's vision of our news alerts (7 types) as free content for lead generation, and as an entry point to upgrading to our other related products to a reality.  Some of the content mixed into the alerts include original stories written by our editors which are locked to non paid subscribers.  If they want to access the locked story, they either pay for it, or do a trial subscription. But based on the leads activities such as specific web page visits, and news alert options, they are added to one of the 5 nurture programs.  The goal of the nurture programs is to convert the leads to trial subscribers and ultimately to paid subscribers and cross-sell. 

The results are:

We converted some leads to paid subscribers out of the locked stories. 

We converted the trial subscribers who came from the nurture programs who had the high behavior scores to paid subscribers.

Some of the leads became prospects for one of our sales director in her audience development for a couple of niche events. 

Our Advertising salesperson sold some banner ads on the news alert emails.

Because I have fun with the "Whose story got read the most" which I post monthly on chatter at work, we created a monthly digest of the top 10 stories from the alerts and is now another source for banner advertising and email sponsorship, and it's also a second chance consumption of our content.