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Re: Web page visit on Activity Log not showing

Hi Gregoire,

Why would some leads capture the Visited Web Page activity while others do not? We recently created a new landing page (non-Marketo LP) for an upcoming marketing campaign and I have been testing the form on the page. When I look at my test leads, there is no activity that shows they visited the page. It just starts with 'Filled Out Form.' I just checked it again and now there are 3 leads appearing. Someone had accidentally made the page live on our site so a few of our known users went to it and I can see it in their Activity Logs. I attempted to go to the page again and I still don't see any activity for 'Visit Web Page' in my test leads. I checked the munchkin code and compared it to what you have above and it is identical (except for the Account ID). Is there any reason some leads capture this activity while my test leads don't?



Re: Web page visit on Activity Log not showing

Hi John,

Better ask a new question than continuing an old thread You will be much more likely to get a quick answer.

There might be quite a few reasons.

  1. If this happens when you are testing, this is probably because there is a mix in cookies. You start navigation with a Marketo cookie, attach to a lead (the last one which which you filled out a form) in the DB, the you will out a form with a different email address. A new lead is created, a new Mkto cookie value is issued, but all previous navigation is attached to the previous lead
  2. If you navigate from one domain to another when moving from your web site to Marketo LP's, as cookies cannot be shared accross domains, the navigation on your web site is usually attached to an anonymous lead in the DB
  3. On 2 letter TLD domains, (eg. .fr, .de, ...), if the munchkin code you use is the default Marketo one, it is likely that you will hit a well know bug by which the cookie is placed at sub domain level (e.g. and, in which case your web site and your Marketo LP do not share cookies.