Views/Submissions by Source

Views/Submissions by Source

Hi, we've recently migrated from Hubspot to Marketo.

In general Marketo suits our purposes better, but there are certain reports we were using that we haven't been able to replicate in Marketo.

What we previously found useful was to see the landing page views and downloads by source. I can create a similar report in Google Analytics, but by default it won't give us the same breakdown by New contacts vs customers and the form submissions requires the goals to be set up properly.

Any tips on how we could achieve the same results in Marketo? Attached an example picture, where you can see by Source Category but also narrow down to the campaign level.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 17.49.13.png

Thank you!

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Re: Views/Submissions by Source

Yes, this has come up before. Do a search or check for Analytics for ways to replicate the report.

Also keep in mind that you'll need to use URL params to effectively do this in Marketo.

Re: Views/Submissions by Source

Thanks. I did search in the discussions and the docs, but haven't yet found anything. Also Marketo support didn't know any really good solutions, but recommended to ask here.

So if someone has come up with a way, let me know