Using Sales Insights and Multiple SFDC Profiles

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Using Sales Insights and Multiple SFDC Profiles

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We are an Enterprise company with Salesforce as our CRM.  We have Sales Insights for our reps but are looking to restrict it for some of our representatives.  Our Salesforce is set up with multiple profiles (+24) for our disparate sales teams and relationship managers.  

To add to the complexity, I have some profiles which cover different sales "types" such as those selling to a specific vertical and company size.  The sales process is different but the CRM profile is the same.  

Restricting access to MSI is set at the Profile level in SFDC.  Does anyone have a similar situation?  To effectively cover my representatives using the product I would need to create six distinct MSI clones of existing profiles. This also means a future state of having to QA and test 6 additional profiles for future releases of SFDC or additional add-ons/page layouts going forward.  I am open to any thoughts and suggestions.


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Re: Using Sales Insights and Multiple SFDC Profiles

Hi Jason, access to Sales Insight is indeed done via Profiles. Permission Sets are unfortunately not covering page layouts (that would be nice). So generally you would have to create additional profiles to selectively give people access to Sales Insight.