UPDATE MCE Exam Study Materials PLEASE!

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UPDATE MCE Exam Study Materials PLEASE!

I recently took the MCE exam, after taking the MCE prep course and studying pretty hard. During my prep, many times I took the 30 question online practice test on this site, plus the additional one given to us in the paid MCE course. Has the test undergone a recent revamp? Asking because the majority of questions served on my live test were nothing like the prep test questions AT ALL. I think its time for Marketo to revise the practice test materials they provide. This was a really bad experience, and now they will gladly take even more of my money as I retake the exam.

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Re: UPDATE MCE Exam Study Materials PLEASE!

Hi, I know the Adobe Certified Expert - Marketo Engage Business Practitioner exam is in the process of being updated, and the new version may be live this summer. Unfortunately I am not sure what is planned for the prep materials. You may want to contact Adobe Digital Learning Services.