Transitioning Exhausted Leads into New Stream

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Re: Transitioning Exhausted Leads into New Stream

I use different streams on where a lead is at on our scoring model. We break up the streams into 3 buckets (Engaged, Researching, Deciding). Each bucket has its own scoring minimum and maximum. exp. (1-24) (25-49) (50-99) 100+=MQL and is immediately sent to sales. The higher your score the closer the lead is ready to be sent to sales. The content within each stream compliments the readiness as well. We also include negative scoring on leads who are not interacting. So its possible to move backwards just as much as it is to move forwards. We also include pausing smart campaigns for leads who are in the middle of a nurture that have a working opportunity with a sales rep. This is a great method to have so that our marketing isn't stepping on any toes from the sales side.