Tracking website clicks on pages with AJAX

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Tracking website clicks on pages with AJAX

I am tring to track clicks on our ungated content on our website and am having trouble. My smartlist is the trigger Clicks Link on Web Page, indicating the link name contains the end of the pdf url (which is hosted in Marketo Design Studio). My Flow step is to just change the program status. I've tested this and had my coworkers test and it's not showing anyone clicking on this link (we are all leads in Marketo as well). I've double checked that we have Munchkin on the page and we do. We do have AJAX on this page so I'm wondering if this would be a problem in tracking the clicks. Does anyone know what might be blocking this from tracking? Or have another idea how we can be tracking this?

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Re: Tracking website clicks on pages with AJAX

You have to be a member of the program first and from that, who in the program has clicked your link.
Can you show a screenshot of your smart list and flow?
Are you using myTokens to render the content of that said landing page?