Tracking List Rental Success

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Tracking List Rental Success

I'm new to Marketo, but have been using Eloqua (E9) for about 4 years. I have a list rental coming up in a few days that I have to turn the creative in for. I'm trying to figure out the best way to track the success from the spend. Few pieces of details that I think are relevent:
  1. My landing page was built on our website with the progressive profile form iFramed. I'm not sure why we are doing it this way, but for now I'm on a tight timeframe to turn this around and had to go with their existing process. 
  2. Support told me to just add hidden fields to the form that would pull from the query string. However, I don't want to automatically overwrite the lead source for a contact we already have, I only want it updated Lead Source if the contact is new. 
  3. I ultimately need to know two things: How many people download the asset as a result of the list rental and if any of those contacts result in opportunities being created. 
At this point, I cannot build another landing page before I have to turn in the creative. We were working wth our Marketo Consultant, he suggested listening campaigns (I THINK?) as a potential solution. WIth E9 we were simiply leveraging form data with a field that was form specific that didn't roll to the contact record by default. However, Marketo doesn't have "form data" so I think I need to create some kind of static list for these people that then map to a SF Campaign? I'm just sure how to go about doing that... or if there's a better way to track it. 

Also - If it matters, we just upgraded from Spark to Standard. 

All advice would be greatly appreciated! 
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Re: Tracking List Rental Success

Hi Sherrie,

First, you can setup field update rules that will prevent Lead Source from being overwritten. It will only be updated if its currently NULL based on a net-new lead.

Here is a link with instructions on how to block field updates for Lead Source:

You can always add additional hidden fields to track URL params in more detail.

Hope this helps.

Best, Thomas
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Re: Tracking List Rental Success


Yes to what Thomas said.

What you really need to do is set this up in a Program like "Content Download" and use the Statuses such as:

Visited Page
Downloaded Content = Success

So whenever someone Fills Out Form, move their status to Downloaded Content.

The Page itself will also show you the conversion rate.

So when you want to look at someone's Lead Source and the Asset, you can then pull a smart list or Lead Performance Report:

-Member of Program = X with Status = "Downloaded Content"
-Lead Source=List Rental

and there you go.

I recommend creating some extra fields and tools to help track:

  • Original Lead Source (field block) (FT)
  • Original Asset Consumed (FT)
  • Last Asset
  • Last Lead Source
and you would add these as Hidden Fields and URL params.
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Re: Tracking List Rental Success

I'm not following how that gives me a way to look back in 60,90, 120 days and see what engagement I had specifically from the list rental. I supposed Tom's way will allow me to see if someone was NEW, but not total engagement. 

I have a program already created for the form -- so are you suggesting I create a NEW program just for this rental? What about people who share from social (I have links in the autoresponder and within the ebook to share it and those links are coded with Google Analytics code, which I suppose I could set to pull into a hidden field). 
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Re: Tracking List Rental Success

We are also new to Marketo, and faced a similar issue.  To see the activity history of a lead we added a field called "Most Recent Activity" in addition to the "Lead Source" and "Lead Source Detail."  The Source and Source Detail fields are blocked from updating unless they were "null."  "Most Recent Activit" is overwritten with each new activity the lead takes. 

Lead Source = type of activity (ie. downloaded content, webcast, etc.)
Lead Source Detail =  title and date (if appropriate) of the activity
Most Recent Activity = combination of the first two (ex. Webcast - Media Relations, May 1, 2014)

We make these changes in the campaign flow steps rather than in the form itself.  Such that when a particular form is completed the above fields are updated/ changed.  You can tighten the parameters by including an "And" statement in the Smart List of the campaign and specifiy the purchased list. 

You can create a specific campaign to run that applies to form with your specific parameters and make only those reporting changes (like an opperational program, just created within the program for the form).