Tracking Design Studio Link

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Tracking Design Studio Link

Curious if this scenario is doable.

We want to run a small campaign in which we turn to certain people (who are already in our Marketo database) via personal LinkedIn messages.

We would send the prospects a link to view a whitepaper, which is a link to the PDF in the Design Studio.

Is there a way for us to track this link activity (i.e. to see if anyone visited the page)? I ran some tests in Marketo and it doesn't seem like Marketo tracks these links?

Any other suggestions for how to make this work, even if "offline"?


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Re: Tracking Design Studio Link

Sure, this can be tracked.  But the whitepaper needs to exist on a Marketo LP (or a page with Munchkin tracking) so that those that click on the link to the PDF can be tracked.  PDF files alone can't be tracked. 

Sanford Whiteman​ has documented an approach where you can provide a direct link to a PDF - but it must exist within the confines of your environment (a hidden landing page to bounce the user off of when linking to the PDF; and accessed by a define set of domains/sub-domains).

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Re: Tracking Design Studio Link

Thanks for sharing that article Dan.