Touchpoint suppression - windowed attribution in Bizible

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Touchpoint suppression - windowed attribution in Bizible



I'm trying to figure out a way to implement a window of attribution within Bizible. There was a super helpful post by Connor Hatfield about Zack Blois' tips and tricks in Bizible, of which a suppression rule for a window of time decay was one of the tips:


I'm having a rather difficult time trying to navigate the setup of this, however. The post seems to reference custom segmentations, but the support documentation states that formulas are not supported within custom segments, so I'm a little unclear as to develop that suppression rule within Bizible.


We have super old touches going back to 2006 that we'd definitely want to not include with attribution crediting. Any help is appreciated!

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Re: Touchpoint suppression - windowed attribution in Bizible

Hi @pbankey !


Bizible recently changed to where it cannot support Formula fields on the CRM side due to not being able to pull in the changes, however you can still use formulas in the Bizible app itself, so if you are trying to build your segmentation with a formula field in the suppression logic in the app, you should be fine! Did you set it up and still see it not working? Curious to know where you got stuck!