T-Online.de Links Issues

T-Online.de Links Issues

Anybody has this issue when sending emails to T-Online.de webmail?

As soon a link is set on an image, in the text, or on an HTML button, part of the link renders as text in the email. It only happens with this email client no matter the way links are added; directly in the template (for example a link to a website on the logo) or via the image editor or text editor when editing the email in Marketo.

And before you ask, links are well formated and working everywhere else. 😉

Here is a screenshot; look at the logo and the text:
Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 15.51.56.png

Here is how it look when I remove the links in the template and send the email with no links at all on the logo/text:
Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 15.56.21.png

And if I add the links back, but this time via the image/text editor, it renders like the first screenshot. 

With Email on Acid, we can see the code that is sent to T-Online.de and I did realize the link is formatted correctly but cut on a few lines (the highlighted part in the following screenshot):

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 16.09.27.png
If I grab all the code sent to T-Online.de from EoA and fix the links to make them wrap without any line break, it then works correctly.

My conclusion is that Marketo breaks the code by adding line breaks and T-Online.de doesn't like it.

Any idea? Is it something to check with support? T-Online.de is one of the top email providers in Germany...


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Re: T-Online.de Links Issues

Please show the part of the template where the link originally appears.

Re: T-Online.de Links Issues

Hi Sandford, here is the entire logo module. But it happens on any links; images, texts, and HTML buttons. And only with T-Online.de

<!-- Start of Single Line Logo (Width:378px - Max-width:564px) -->    

                    <table role="presentation" bgcolor="${LightGrayBgColor}" width="100%" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" class="mktoModule tableCollapse" id="LogoModule02" mktoName="Single Line Logo (Width:378px - Max-width:564px)" mktoAddByDefault="true" mktoActive="true" style="margin:0px auto; width:100%!important; min-width:100%!important;">
                            <td class="w40" align="${ImgAlignCenter}" valign="top" style="padding-top:${Top16pxSpacer}px; padding-bottom:${Bot28pxSpacer}px; padding-left:68px; padding-right:68px;">                      
                                <div class="mktoImg ${MobImgYes2}" id="Logo02" mktoName="Image - W:378px" mktoLockImgSize="false" mktoImgLinkTarget="_blank" mktoLockImgStyle="false" mktoImgWidth="378" style="display:inline-block;">
                                    <a href="https://construction.autodesk.com/" target="_blank">
                                        <img width="378" border="0" alt="Autodesk Construction Cloud Logo" src="http://constructioncloud.autodesk.com/rs/572-JSV-775/images/logo-autodesk-construction-cloud-378x35-2x.png" style="width:378px; height:auto!important; display:inline-block; border:none; outline:none; text-decoration:none; vertical-align:middle;" />

                    <!-- End of Single Line Logo (Width:378px - Max-width:564px) -->