Sync "CreatedBy" standard SFDC Contact field to Marketo

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Sync "CreatedBy" standard SFDC Contact field to Marketo

In SFDC Contacts, there's a standard "Created By" field (API: CreatedBy) field, which is a lookup to the SFDC user table. Has anyone had any luck syncing this field down to Marketo? (I tried searching for "Created By" and "CreatedBy" and didn't find anything.) There does not appear to be anything in the Security or Visibility settings in SFDC that would prevent it. Is it just one of those unsupported fields for sync?

Of course, I could always create a custom text field and do some workflow to copy the value. But I'd rather not create more custom field noise if there's something basic I've overlooked to see that value in Marketo.

BTW: Use case is that I want to see when a Contact is created by a specific integration user account in order to do some special handling.


Re: Sync "CreatedBy" standard SFDC Contact field to Marketo

Hey Frank,

I encountered this same issue and found that there is not an out-of-the-box way to sync this field to Marketo. Our solution was to crate a new "Marketo Created By" field in Salesforce/Marketo and create a workflow in Salesforce to copy the value over to the new field.

Please let me know if you find an easier way to do this.