Surveys w/ Marketo Landing Pages and/or Google Forms

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Surveys w/ Marketo Landing Pages and/or Google Forms

Hey guys,

Looking for some help figuring out the best way to run a recurring survey while doing two key things: populate Marketo fields so marketing can automate targeted followups AND get a visually appealing rollup of the results.

Some are leaning toward using a Google Form because of the ease of access and ability to view percentage results for the answers, but I don't want to lose the ability to populate fields and use that data in automation and future communication.

Does anyone know if...

1. You can build a Marketo analytics report to satisfy the visual results rollup need?
2. You can embed a Google Form on a Marketo landing page WITH a hidden Marketo form that will populate fields based on clicks in the Google Form?

This seems overly complicated, but I can't think of a way to meet both needs well without manually transferring data every so often from the Google Form to Marketo.

Any help will be *greatly* appreciated!
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Re: Surveys w/ Marketo Landing Pages and/or Google Forms

You could create custom columns in a report to satisfy your visual needs. You won't really have percentages, but you'll be able to see the total leads, then a custom column for each response with however many leads responded with that answer.

You'd just need to create smart lists with the proper filters for each response and add those to the setup of your report.

Regarding your alternative method, you could accomplish that with jQuery, except I don't know how you would submit the form. If you had control over the confirmation page for the Google form and were able to pass the results through to that page, you could execute the second form there, but I don't think you'll be able to do that with the Google setup.

I'd give the Marketo way a try and see if that is enough for you.
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Re: Surveys w/ Marketo Landing Pages and/or Google Forms

Thanks Matt.

I've tried customizing reports before, and it hasn't worked great. The percentage breakdown without having to do the work ourselves is the huge plus for Google.

The jQuery option would be ideal. I'll discuss with my engineers and see what we can figure out.

Thanks for the feedback!