'Smart List' in Web Page Activity

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'Smart List' in Web Page Activity

Hi All,

In Web Page Activity of Analytics section, we clicked on Report and saw a certain number of anonymous leads with their IPs and web page visits specifics.

I found a Smart List tab in this Web Page Activity section.

Could you guys kindly enlighten me with , as to what all can be achieved using the Smart List here inside this Web Page Activity and also what filters do I set in this, in order to achieve the same ?

Thanks a lot !

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Re: 'Smart List' in Web Page Activity

You can apply all the filters you have in a standard smart list. The purpose is to to focus on a certain set of leads and have a report only on those. For example, in your case, you could apply "Is Anonymous = FALSE" if you do not want to see the reporting on anonymous leads. Hope this helps!

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Re: 'Smart List' in Web Page Activity

You can also have a smart List based on the Visited Web Page activity with a Referrer constraint will tell you how many people came from a given referrer.

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Re: 'Smart List' in Web Page Activity

I also use this filter to segment our website visitors by country, as we are using Marketo in both our NA and UK offices via one website.