Smart List Reports - Viewing on iphone

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Smart List Reports - Viewing on iphone

How are others viewing the smart lists you subscribe to that get sent out to an email address - when accessing from an iphone?

I have created a smart list to help me manage / monitor form fills on our site. I then set the fields required for the report and subscribed.

This generates an email to me daily of all activity that meets my criteria and provides a Marketo generated email containing the purple 'Download Report' button

BUT whilst selection of this button from my laptop (Outlook 2016) will duly download the CSV file, when i try to access from my iPhone, i get an error message:

'This file cannot be previewed - It might be corrupted or of an unknown file format'

I had assumed this was just my lack of appropriate app to read CSV files on my phone, but since installing Excel and Numbers it still fails to open the file.

Has anyone worked out how to open these report outputs on an iphone?