Smart Campaign within Program within Stream

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Re: Smart Campaign within Program within Stream

I don't understand what you mean, John. I think maybe I just need to do this manually like you suggested on this one.

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Re: Smart Campaign within Program within Stream

Hi Marisa,

John is suggesting to use 'programs' in your nurture stream instead of 'emails'. May be the following images might help.




Thus instead of specifying what email to send when the drip time' arrives, you tell Marketo what 'program and what smart campaign' in it to run when its time to send the next drip.

Please see, Add Content to a Stream - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Then in the smart list for the smart campaign 'My Smart Campaign' in the program 'My Nurture Programs. My Program', you can specify the 'filter' logic as you need for 'That' email.

For example, for email number 4,

instead of simply dragging the 'email 4' in the email stream, create a program which have 'email 4' and a smart campaign 'send email 4 if not sent already'. This smart campaign will have the filter to 'exclude' people who already got email 4 and the flow action to 'send email 4'. Please note that the smart campaign need to have a specific 'trigger' of 'campaign is requested'

Hope this helps

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Re: Smart Campaign within Program within Stream

Hi guys I have a similar question

I currently have a nurture Program with the streams containing programs.

When I add the Programs to the Stream, I am asked to choose a Smart Campaign.

Now in my Programs I have 2 Smart Campaign:

1. Batch campaign which was SUPPOSED to be used ONLY ONCE - to do initial processing

2. Trigger Smart Campaign which is to be used in the Program - called by a Request Campaign flow step in the Stream's Transition Rules

The problem: I am only able to choose the Batch Campaign, but NOT the Trigger Smart Campaign


(1) Will my Batch Campaign be run again for new people coming to the Stream? THIS IS NOT SUPPOSE TO RUN!

(2) Why can't the Stream detect my Trigger Smart Campaign?

Your answers are truly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Smart Campaign within Program within Stream

Please open a new thread in Products​ instead of working on this 3-year-old thread.