Sharing Leads and Lead activities between Marketo instances

Sharing Leads and Lead activities between Marketo instances


At our company, we have three marketo instances which are integrated with three CRM instances.

I am interested to learn more on how we could get three marketo instances integrated or talk to each other or even have one workspace that could act as parent and host or share leads/activities among others.

For ex: Is there a way that i could create a form in one instance and push the leads into other instances too..

We are looking to see if any of Marketo customers have similar issue and how they are solving this currently.



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Re: Sharing Leads and Lead activities between Marketo instances

That's not really how it works.

if you have a 1-1 Marketo-SFDC relationship (which you generally would), then the way to have them talk to each other depends on your needs:

  1. Data Lake/Marketing Data Warehouse with various rules on what data is sent between systems
    1. then you can plug in your BI tool here and do all sorts of stuff.
  2. API/Bulk API - what data do you want the others to see and how?

The real question is "Why do you want to do this" and what will you do with this data once it is in each system?

Re: Sharing Leads and Lead activities between Marketo instances

Thanks for your reply Josh.

Ideally, we would like to know single truth for our customer record at our company and establish global governance and reduce operational complexity.

There are duplicates across different instances and i am certain we must be paying for the same chunk of db more than once. It would be great if we could consolidate or just have one instance with all the data and establish integrations between our CMS-Marketo-SFDC(one-many orgs).

I learnt about federated model that Marketo offers and plan to discuss this with their solution Architects.



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Re: Sharing Leads and Lead activities between Marketo instances

I won't question why you are using 3 Marketo instances and 3 CRM instances to make them separate initially, may be you have 3 regions to deal with or 3 products or even 3 companies, but now you wanted them to talk to each other.

The best solution as far as is to Merge these 3 Marketo instances together into one instance and just use one CRM to connect it with. As this would stop use of any kind of alternate solution of pushing leads into multiple instances using API or any other method. But solves the management hassles too.

How to do it in Marketo:

1) You can create multiple workspaces as per your need and then do lead partitions also (if you want to keep the leads separate for the workspaces)

2) Workspaces allow you to manage Programs, Campaigns, Assets and more like a separate Marketo instance

3) You can limit the access to the workspaces when creating users in Marketo

4) Management will be easier

5) Lot other benefits...

For more read Marketo's official documentation Understanding Workspaces and Person Partitions - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation