Selective Drafting of Landing Pages When Working on a Template

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Selective Drafting of Landing Pages When Working on a Template

Hello guys,

So I have a question around  Landing Templates. We have adopted a single "master" landing page template strategy - meaning we have 1 template with a variety of modules that we can opt to activate or hide depending on the use of the page.

When making changes to the landing page template, our developers currently version control outside of Marketo's own WYSIWYGs and this often causes numerous live templates to go into draft. Is there something our developers can do to prevent Marketo from drafting every page that uses that template?

The largest concern is that every time we make a change to the template we "draft" basically every landing page in our instance. Now, I know that they are still live to the audience (they are seeing the old version), however we'll have pages that are "hiding" pieces of the template that are updated - so is there a way to update the template but have it only draft those landing pages that are using the features that are updated? 

We want to see if there are ways to stop it from drafting everything (so we're not wasting our time approving every landing page over and over again).  

Any tips/or advice would be much appreciated. 




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Re: Selective Drafting of Landing Pages When Working on a Template

Hi Troy,


What you are asking is not really possible (even though part of your landing pages are not currently using a module you are working on, the changes would need to be available for future edits). However, there is an easy way to bulk approve your landing pages.

In Design Studio, when you select the Landing Pages folder, you will see an overview of all landing pages in your instance. In one of the columns, it shows which template the LP uses. You can select all landing pages you want to approve and do it in one move.


Quick tip though before you start with your edits: Check which LPs had a draft before you started, to make sure you are not inadvertently approving something one of the users is still working on.


Kind regards,