SOAP API and "Fills out Form" trigger

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SOAP API and "Fills out Form" trigger

Our company is using the SOAP API for any form fillouts on our website.  The problem is that this forces me to make a lot of really complex rules to capture that a form has been filled out (especially multiple times) and to use that info as a part of a trigger campaign.  Instead, I end up using a bunch of fields combined.  Has anyone figured out how to enable the trigger "Fills Out Form" while using the SOAP API?  I imagine it would require somehow making Marketo understand that this api call is our "form" 

Thanks in advance!
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Marketo Employee

Re: SOAP API and "Fills out Form" trigger

Hey Valerie,

There is no way to generate a Fills Out Form activity via the SOAP API.  One solution is to have boolean custom field which you toggle with every syncLead call you make out of a custom form.  This can also be a string if you need to signify separate forms, and you assign a unique value to each form.  You would set up a Data Value Changes trigger for this field with the "New Value" constraint being either True for a boolean field, or the name of the form for a string field.  In the flow for each of these trigger campaigns, yo'll need a "Change Data Value" Flow step to set this value back to NULL.  This way you can trigger based off of each SOAP form fill every time based off of a single parameter.  The Data Value Changes trigger will always fire because the field will always be null prior to the form fillout.