SFDC sync errors "SSL read: errno -5961"

Re: SFDC sync errors "SSL read: errno -5961"

HI guys,

So i got this update from support.  Not sure im totally convinced this isnt a problem and its not possibly causing flow step errors (such as "sync to salesforce") but who knows...the answer is very vague.


"This is a transient error that occurs when Marketo is (temporarily) unable to connect to Salesforce.  When this occurs an error notification is generated but no action is needed. We have error handling on our end that prevents this from impacting the sync."


Their engineering team also examined the frequency of this error and stated that it does not appear to be happening frequently (I have pushed back on this as it is a daily occurrence in my instance.)


Their conclusion is that we should ignore this error as its not impacting anything.  The have confirmed that the error is sitting on the Marketo side of the house so my SFDC support team closed their case.


Anyway...to me it doesn’t sound like they are prioritizing this as there is no direct impact to data.  

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Re: SFDC sync errors "SSL read: errno -5961"

We are getting the same error every day or two. No direction from Marketo Support and SF admins are at a loss. Seems like a common issue among customers. Has anyone actually found any records not syncing because of it?

Re: SFDC sync errors "SSL read: errno -5961"

been keeping an eye very closely on this and thankfully have not seen any sync issues YET.  Either way, they really need to get this fixed.