SFDC Campaigns not syncing to Marketo

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SFDC Campaigns not syncing to Marketo

Before I go into my issue the following things are true: 

- campaigns i created are marked as active

- my sync is currently running (in the admin section it said it last ran a minute ago at the time of this post) 

I've been noticing that campaigns syncing over to Marketo are taking much longer than usual. It used to be at most a 15-30 minute delay. But now I'm seeing hours it takes for it to sync over. Also, some other colleagues are not seeing their SFDC campaigns sync after a day or two even.


This has been more recent, but was curious if anyone had any ideas on what I can do on my end? I would like to have some more insight into this issue before raising it to my sales ops team but I'm currently stuck on where I can find what might be causing the lag?

I do have a ticket in with support but will most likely just get linked to the SFDC integration doc. Any ideas on where I should look would be a huge help, thank you in advance! 

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Re: SFDC Campaigns not syncing to Marketo

Ask SOPS if they did something to the Marketo User or profile.


Check the Sync Admin Tools for a backlog.


Push Support harder.

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Re: SFDC Campaigns not syncing to Marketo

Have you looked into the activity log of the program members to see if there are any sync errors?


FWIW, I've had a lot of trouble with the native Marketo Program / SFDC Campaign sync, I now use the flow step method for all campaigns.