SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

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SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

How are you all naming and organizing your campaigns in SFDC?

We share our SFDC instance with our team over in the UK, so both our sales and marketing teams are using the same interface.

Currently, I've been naming my SFDC campaigns the same thing as my Marketo campaigns (ex: TS - 20141104 - Tradeshowname). Until now, this has been fine since I'm the only one really using the campaigns; however, we are getting to a point where the sales teams will be interacting with the campaigns to change a member's status, etc, and they need to be easier to find. The way I have them labeled now may make sense to me, but not to the end user.

How are you naming your campaigns and filtering them for easy access?

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Re: SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

Hi Jenn,

We organize our campaigns by date, type of campaign, and then campaign name: YEAR-MONTH: TYPE - NAME

Example: 2015-02: Events - Content Rising NYC

We also use custom tags to filter various campaigns from the Setup tab.
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Re: SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

For any time-sensitive campaigns I name with the date, ex: 2015.01.15-blahblah. If it's a nurture or an evergreen content campaign I usually name with the content type first, ex: White Paper - blah.

It's always a challenge especially with multiple ppl having access to your Marketo and SFDC instances!
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Re: SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

We use this formula for our campaigns:


Where RG = Region (Americas, Europe, AsiaPac, Global), XX = Type of Event/Campaign (we have short codes for each e.g. Trade Shows = TS, Email = EM, Webinar = WB, etc.), Desc = Event or campaign name (e.g. name of tradeshow), Location is optional and would only be used for specific countries where tradeshows are held 


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Re: SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

I like the leading date system most of you are using, especially Amy's.

I'm not sure why having a date and a name would be hard for Sales to understand.

Re: SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

Hi Jenn, We are actually using the same type of naming convention as you, and also identifying a start date in SFDC. It would be great if we could identify the start date in Marketo, but since we can't, I typically go through and update these in SFDC once a week or so since it's still much easier to create the campaigns in Marketo.

Having the type of event/program/campaign before the date is preferable to me since we can also sort by start date, so it allows us multiple types of sorting pretty easily. 

Re: SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

Can you specify what makes it hard for sales to find those campaigns? Are they sorting them alphanumerically? Are they searching by keyword or date?

The answer will likely depend on their needs for finding the campagins easily.

However, I would still encourage you to align as much as possible, so that when you have to cross-reference campaign reports in SFDC and Marketo Program reports, it won't become unmanageable.

Sometimes it's just a matter of training salespeople...

PS: Please don't use "dots" in the Program names, as they shoudl be reserved as the separator between Programs and Campaigns or Assets in Marketo.
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Re: SFDC Campaign Naming + Organization

Jenn - we follow the same structure but also add in a Vertical industry so that it is easy for me to find the campaigns programs for the specific vertical and helps in reporting as well.

IN E 20141231 Event Name Location

IN = Insurance
E = Event
Event Name
Location of the Event

Hope that helps