Resubscribe (durable) from Form

Resubscribe (durable) from Form

I'm trying to test some weird behaviour with durable unsubscribe. 

I have a lead, marked as unsubscribed = true. Then I delete the lead, so I gather this is stored in the durable unsub table.

Then I recreate the lead by submitting via a form which has a hidden field for Unsubscribe, with the Auto Value = "false".

(I've also tested the Auto value = No, FALSE)

When the lead recreates, it's unsubscribe is set from the durable change data value activity to true.

What's the deal?

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Re: Resubscribe (durable) from Form

You use another Boolean field (SelfServiceUnsubscribe).

In a flow, change the system Unsubscribed based on the custom SelfServiceUnsubscribe, triggering when the lead is created.

Re: Resubscribe (durable) from Form

Thanks Sanford. We'll try a proxy field then, I just figured from the documentation I could find, that if I created a person with a false value, that it would override the durable table value on creation, it does not appear to be so. Appreciate the response.