Rest API Response Times - any SLA?

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Rest API Response Times - any SLA?

Hello All -

For several years now we've been leveraging the /rest/v1/leads.json to create leads from custom forms we've created.  Every now and then we'd have some latency issues with this call, but overall responses were fast <2 seconds.

For about a month, things have slowed down significantly and this past week our response times are upwards of 90 seconds, average about 20 to 30 seconds.  We've reached out to Marketo Support and they've pretty much told us that this should be expected.  Anything longer than 5 minutes would be considered slow.

This seems a bit absurd to me but if that's the SLA, we'll figure out a way around it. 

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Marketo Employee

Re: Rest API Response Times - any SLA?

In cases where there's a lot of resource competition and you're trying to do large batches, you can see response times spike like this, but it shouldn't be happening as a routine if you're not constantly hammering your database.  Were you given any specifics on why this would be expected for your instance?