Reporting Segmentation Numbers


Reporting Segmentation Numbers

Our database contains several segmentation parameters. For example customer/prospect, 6 languages, business segment ( 6 values ) and 6 personas.

At regular intervals I have to report the numbers of those nested segments.

e.g. number of customers - dutch speaking in Belgium - digital printing industry - C-level.

For this purpose I have created a calculation list where I create the definitions by hand and then go to the 'peoples' tab to see how many fit within the nested segment.

Is there an automated/better way to do this?

Franky Ruysschaert
Level 6 - Champion

Re: Reporting Segmentation Numbers

Hi Franky,

One way could be to create a smart list of your entire database, and then create a custom view of that list to include the segment values that you need to overlay.

From there, you would have to export the whole list, and use excel/pivot tables to quickly calculate your counts. Not much more automated honestly, but it would certainly save you some time. I know you can pull segment data down via the API, but that's a bit more complicated.