Report on Pages Viewed

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Report on Pages Viewed

I'm aware of the Web Page Activity Report and have looked at it, however I'm trying to find a slightly different way to report on this data. I want to be able to see common content that people view before they become leads. For example, say 24% of leads are reading a specific blog post before they sign up for a free trial, or 32% read these two blog posts and sign up for this webinar.

Is there any way to build this type of report with just Marketo? If not, are there third party tools that will do this type of reporting with data from Marketo?


Re: Report on Pages Viewed


Not sure if this is the best solution, but you can create a custom text area Marketo field and title it "Last webpage viewed" or something similar. Create a smart campaign:

Smart list:

"visits webpage" and you can drill down to a list of webpages for blogs (ex. "contains:")


"change data value: last webpage viewed: {{trigger.Web Page}}"

This will result in that new custom field updating with the name of the landing page (if Marketo landing page) or the URL of the webpage (if a non-Marketo webpage). You can then bring that custom field into a lead performance report of leads that have requested the free trial so you can see which webpage they last viewed.