Re-vamping Lead Scoring Program

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Re-vamping Lead Scoring Program

Looking to revamp our current lead score process but in order to do that, we need to start all of the leads in our database back to zero. Any ideas on how to create a flow or start leads over? Thanks!


Re: Re-vamping Lead Scoring Program

Hi Chloe,

Create a batch smart campaign with the followoing settings

  • Filter: lead score greater than 0
  • Flow step: change score - lead score - =0

If you have many score fields, add them a additional flow steps in the flow.

Run it once.


Re: Re-vamping Lead Scoring Program

Great question, and thanks for the fix Greg!

I  am wondering if there is any best practices on doing this....

I am going to revamp our scoring system soon, but there is a lot of historical data that I would hate losing (I guess Marketo keeps the data, but it is a shame the score will be going away altogether).

My first thought was to change a sample set of leads....

Any advice is appreciated!


Re: Re-vamping Lead Scoring Program

Hi Darrell,

In fact, Marketo does not "keep the data", in only keeps activity logs. If you replace it, you will only have to look at data value changes activities to know that a lead has a specific value at a pint in time.

The first best practice I would recommend is to export the database, so that you get a backup.

You can also copy that backup info into a custom object.