RCE or Any standard report

RCE or Any standard report


We have 1 Landing Page with three parameters and used in different places.

For instance,

Source 1 : www.URL.com?source=facebook

Source 2 : www.URL.com?source=linkedIn

Source 3 : www.URL.com?source=twitter

Now, I want to run an RCE or any standard report which tells Form conversion rate for all above URLs and I should be able to identify which source performed well by looking at conversion rate.

Note: We know it can done using Smart List however, would like to get it in Marketo standard report.


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Re: RCE or Any standard report

Hi Anandraj Selvaraj​,

When someone fills in a form are you taking the utm from the url and storing it in a hidden field?

Make sure that field is visible in RCE and then you should be able to use it in your reports. It might take a day to sync across.

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Re: RCE or Any standard report

thanks, could we also view "Page Views" and "Form conversion rate" in the same RCE report?

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Re: RCE or Any standard report

Just understand that those UTM custom fields/values are not tied specifically to those campaign conversions. People may have converted in the past from another campaign (and my have converted in both campaigns) and will still show up here when using the UTM custom field as a filter.

Also, a single field to capture this value will always be on a “last touched” basis - and can be overwritten at any time. Best to use three fields for each parameter (ft, lt and mt).

Re: RCE or Any standard report

I don't think all that will be possible in the one report. You will need to create a landing page report for your page views and conversions and then an RCE for your lead Source.

I would create a lead report. Set a filter of source and set it to include "Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter".

I would then drag source out again but this time into the rows area and then add number or leads as a measurement.

This should give you totals of leads that filled out the form by the Source in a single table.

You could also make a few different variations of this table and drag them into a RCE dashboard to show all the lead details and a few different charts of the leads broken up by source, region etc...



Re: RCE or Any standard report

Thanks Dan Stevens​, I completely forgot to mention that.

As Dan said your Custom Fields live on the Lead Level rather than the Program level, this is a pet hate of mine, your utm fields are therefore populated by whatever the last form your customer filled in was, not the specific program you are reporting on.

The only way I was able to permanently record who came to a program based on a utm was to create a list for each utm value in advance of the program starting; then create a smart campaign to push people into the specific list based on the utm value when they fill out the form.