Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

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Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

Thanks Shirleen! It seems like it would be a nightmare to try and manage. I am hoping that we stay with GotoWebinar.

Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

We use Zoom to manage our webinars and we run our registrations and everything through Marketo. We do about 8 webinars a month that are all available for registration at the same time and it's simple to manage. What concerns do you have? I'm happy to help if needed.

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Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

Hi Broderick,

We are in the process of transitioning to Zoom from GTW and also have several registrations open at one time. How do you manage this? Do you create a new webhook for each webinar or is there a better/easier way to accomplish this?

Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

You only need a single webhook for Zoom, just use the webinar ID as a token for each program (1 program for each zoom webinar). Here is what the webhook looks like:{{my.zoomWebinarId}}&first_name={{lead.First Name}}&last_name={{lead.Last Name}}&email={{lead.Email Address}}&api_key=XXXX&api_secret=XXXX

Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

Also, if you want to have a single form that lets them register for multiple webinars, you can just put the webinar ID field into the form as well and have it be a field that is pushed with the webhook as well. (e.g. instead of "{{my.zoomWebinarId}}" it would be "{{lead.zoomWebinarId}}". Then in the form you'd have a select field with multiple values:

Webinar 1 | 123-456-781

Webinar 2 | 123-456-782


This way is useful if you just want to use 1 marketo form to let them register for multiple possible webinars (like if there are multiple times/dates for a given webinar), but this method isn't useful if you want to send emails and track program status in Marketo. In which case, you'd need to stick with 1 program -> 1 webinar.

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Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

Hi Broderick - could you explain how you handle multiple webinars running at the same time with one webhook, given that someone registering for more than 1 webinars would just have their join_url overwritten with the last value? So any reminder emails etc might not necessarily contain the correct webinar url. But maybe I'm missing something.

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Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

You're right, Jon, you can't do this with a single webhook definition. You need multiple 'hooks defined, each mapping join_url to a different destination field (1stUpcomingZoomURL, 2ndUpcomingZoomURL, 3rdUpcomingZoomURL, etc.)

(Or you could use another non-Zoom webhook as a gateway to coalesce the different responses into one field, but that's needless to say an advanced take.)

Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

I run several webinars a month and use only one webhook, however, we just let Zoom send the reminder and confirmation emails, so we don't even use the join_url webhook response, which is why it's possible.

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Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

Hi, Broderick

I tried IF construction, but registrants on marketo were not sent to zoom.

registrant on zoom were sent to marketo successfully.

I wonder my configration about "join_URL" is wrong.


I do not intend to handle multiple webinar.

Could you give me some advice?

regards, Koichi,Japan.

Re: Question on Zoom Webinar Integration

Hi Koichi,

Check the error you are getting by going to registered person's web activity. Most probably, you must be getting API key error.